Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Up and running

School started and with it all the stresses of a new year and yet I seem to be adding more things to do to my plate. Yet I'm still working towards my masters and narrowing my research question down to a sizeable finshable amount. I'm taking a qualitative course from a wonderful professor who is challenging my quantitative training.

We read a provocative article by Tom Barone titled, "Making Educational History: Qualitative Inquiry, Artistry, and the Public Interest" found in and edited volume. In the article Barone discusses the need to move research audiance from talking to themselves and to talk to practictioners aka teachers. He states, "I am imagining research projects that reach out to an audience that trancends one consisting only of collegues and those alternative readers and viewers" (P. 219). Doesn't this sound like the web 2.0 world of publishing? This is the type of research I'm interested in and hope to conduct.


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